“Your team is the most professional, caring, motivated people that I have ever known. During the three weeks that I was under their care, they challenged, encouraged and enabled me to progress from a bed, to a wheel chair, and then a walker. Their professional care enabled me to return to my home in a short time.
This rehabilitation team is referred by doctors for anyone who needs rehabilitation to return to their normal activities. The team’s performance is outstanding in every aspect of human development and improvement.

"Please express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding treatment and care that enabled me to return home in a
short time.”

– Former Resident

Paragon will provide quality, cost-effective therapy programs that are unparalleled in the industry. Our mission is secured by a devotion to customer service, employee excellence, ethical practice, and sound fiscal management.

Patient Motivated and Clinically Centered
Paragon is a patients-first, clinically-centered company. Our clinicians, on-site Program Directors and our Regional Directors, respectfully make decisions based on what is in the best interest of our patients. Since 1989, Paragon has operated upon the principle that it is our responsibility to care for our patients total well-being — body, mind, and spirit.

Helping Each Person Reach Their Highest Quality of Life

Based on the principles we established for ourselves, the Paragon team must consist of the best trained, most well-informed Program Directors and clinical teams who share our mission for quality care and our goal of quality of life for all. We know that by providing a strong foundation of knowledge and understanding of Medicare regulations, a clinician support system, and an atmosphere of the highest integrity in service, we are able to then provide clearly superior patient care.

An Advocate for Your Mission

In order to best support your Administrators, Nursing and Clinical Managers, Medicare specialists, and others, we mentor our Program Directors to analyze each practice in light of the mission and goals of its host community. Your commitment is our shared mission. Our Directors will work side-by-side with your facility teams to seamlessly build upon existing programs, grow rehabilitation services appropriately, and meet each community’s needs on an ongoing basis.