“Your team is the most professional, caring, motivated people that I have ever known. During the three weeks that I was under their care, they challenged, encouraged and enabled me to progress from a bed, to a wheel chair, and then a walker. Their professional care enabled me to return to my home in a short time.
This rehabilitation team is referred by doctors for anyone who needs rehabilitation to return to their normal activities. The team’s performance is outstanding in every aspect of human development and improvement.

"Please express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding treatment and care that enabled me to return home in a
short time.”

– Former Resident

Reporting Capabilities

Paragon has always measured its success based on the clinical success of the patients we treat, and on the operational success of the customers we serve.

We measure operational success in a number of ways:

Paragon’s electronic computer system provides a multitude of data including: PPS utilization, RUG by location, Med B Caps Report, Facility profit analysis, Financial Trend report, Change of therapy review, MMR report,Clinical Trend Analysis, Rehab Stats and Outcomes Analysis. Access to this data allows us to generate monthly, quarterly, and annual operations reports for facilities.

Our Area Manager meets monthly with each Administrator to analyze our success relative to clinical, operational, and budgetary goals. For multiple facility contracts, at least twice a year basis, our Area Manager, Regional Director of Operations, VP of Operations and COO also meet with key corporate executives to conduct this same analysis.

Our philosophy is quite simple:

  • Daily practice management by the on-site Program Director
  • Ongoing contact by the Area Manager, in addition to monthly visits
  • Regular executive meetings
  • Quarterly Business Reviews
  • Marketing Support that creates census building programs

With all of the above supported by:

  • Same day responses to phone calls and e-mails from Paragon Area Managers and Home Office
  • Alignment with each facility’s goals
  • Excellent communication RE: Regulatory and Reimbursement Changes, and other critical rehab industry news