Therapy can help get you back to your daily routine in many ways.  Physical therapy can make you stronger and improve your activity tolerance to complete tasks without becoming worn out and tired.  Occupational therapy can help train you to use assistive devices and equipment, as well as teach you adaptations to your daily routine that will make daily tasks easier and safer.  Therapy will also have you continually practice daily tasks simply because practice makes perfect!

At Paragon Rehabilitation, our goal is to help you return to your prior level of independence or better. Not only can you get back to your everyday life, but our therapists can help you overcome limitations, enjoy personal freedom, increase independence in self-care tasks and transfers, and promote safety and environmental awareness.

“Wow, going home tomorrow!  When I first [began therapy], I wasn't doing very well due to the major operation I just had – lots of pain and I could barely walk. All of my therapists got me back on my feet and feeling much better.  Thank you so much!” – Randall B., former therapy patient