“Nothing can compare to making a difference in the lives of others. As the Executive Director at the Meadows of Kalida healthcare campus, I am able to provide compassion and kindness to people every day. If I can make a difference in the lives of others, then I am succeeding in life, and that is why I do what I do. Our rehab results speak for themselves - residents who come to Kalida for rehabilitation go home stronger, more educated, and safer.”

– Executive Director

Paragon's software program Casamba (Smart) is technologically advanced, yet user-friendly. Casamba provides integrated clinical management, operational reporting, time management and client billing to all Paragon rehab practices and customers.

Secure Facility data resides on a secure server hosted at Casamba office, protected by daily backups and virus scanning software.
Internet Accessible Allows remote access with secure user name and password. Web-based data entry connects to an ISP.
Real-Time Data A single real-time database resides on master server and facilitates immediate data access.
Accurate Revenue Accounting All Rehab Minutes continuously tracked for clinical and billing purposes.
Efficient Automated centralized billing.A data file can be generated, depending upon your current software, to download directly into facility software and therefore eliminating facility data entry.
Tracks Patient Information RUG minutes, ARD's, COT's, and other time sensitive data are tracked and coordinated for every patient for multiple therapists, thereby facilitating for accurate RUG reimbursement.
Tracks Clinician Information Facilitates efficient practice management resulting in outstanding customer service.
Online Real-Time Reports Online Real-Time Reports allow a Program Director to quickly identify problems and take appropriate action throughout the month. Examples of reports include:
  • Rug Reports
  • Med B Caps Report
  • MMR Process Reports
  • Operating Statements
  • Cot Review
  • Rehab Stats Report
  • Clinical Trend Analysis
  • Outcomes Measures Analysis
Billing Audit All billing is audited to insure accurate reimbursement and compliance, which has led to a company denied claims percentage of less than 1%

Casamba has the following built in functions to audit all billing documents and assist Operations:

  • RUGS are required to be updated as each MDS is completed
  • Treatment and Medical ICD-9 codes must be in the pre-approved list which is updated yearly to include new codes/delete outdated codes
  • Monitors treatment provided without corresponding labor on the same day
  • Monitors labor time without treatment on the same day
    RUG Planning with automatic rollover of under-provided minutes
  • Counter Signature with locking of treatment after signature
    Online aggregate billing and modifier edits
  • Customizable Local Medical Review Board Policy by facility
  • Tracking of PPS and OBRA assessments
  • Automatic calculation of RUG score
  • Therapy admission by discipline with history
  • Automated 700s/701s, Progress Notes, Daily Notes (info feeds to the next form)
  • Problem oriented Daily Notes with spell check
  • Resident appointment scheduling
  • Therapist scheduling