“Nothing can compare to making a difference in the lives of others. As the Executive Director at the Meadows of Kalida healthcare campus, I am able to provide compassion and kindness to people every day. If I can make a difference in the lives of others, then I am succeeding in life, and that is why I do what I do. Our rehab results speak for themselves - residents who come to Kalida for rehabilitation go home stronger, more educated, and safer.”

– Executive Director

On-Site Management: Your Key to Success

Paragon’s Rehabilitation Program is comprehensive and includes a designated Program Director (PD) for your facility. We have found great success with this model. The therapists in your facility can focus on delivery of service under the leadership of the PD, who is involved with facility integration, meeting attendance and day-to-day operations.

Paragon continues to attract the most experienced group of Program Directors in the industry, with the average number of years of management experience for our PDs being over 8 years. We are highly selective in the quality of individuals who are chosen for the Program Director position and encourage your involvement in the interview and hiring of these individuals.

Roles Responsibilities
Practice Management
  • Daily coordination of all activities and services provided by the Rehabilitation Department
  • Implementation of effective documentation systems, ongoing audit systems, and internal CQI processes
  • Caseload management to ensure appropriate RUGs Distribution and MDS accuracy
  • Identification of Part B therapy needs in conjunction with nursing
  • Assurance of compliance with all federal and state regulations including mandatory in-servicing of therapy staff as dictated by the state
  • Assure documentation & billing compliance through audit system
Customer Communication
  • In addition to regular meetings with facility Administrator, monthly meetings to review Paragon monthly therapy report and set goals for following month
  • In-service and discuss all information provided by Paragon regarding regulatory updates/changes (i.e. therapy cap exception process, MMR process,ICD-9 code changes, Medicare transmittals regarding coverage/non-coverage for therapy procedures) to Administrator, DON and appropriate facility personnel
Therapy Utilization
  • Development and implementation of patient specific programs and training to progress residents to their highest level of functioning
  • Utilization of our proprietary Manager's Toolkit and which include assessments and clinical programs in user-friendly formats, making them easy to implement
  • Assure appropriate Rehab Length of Stay for each patient
  • Short Term Rehab Program analysis and implementation
  • Outpatient Program analysis and implementation
Census Development / Marketing
  • Assist with pre-admission screenings for potential patients
  • External Marketing: Ongoing census development including designated time to build relationships with hospital staff, physicians and other referral networks and referral groups
  • Work with Business Development to develop facility specific and/or short term rehab brochure
  • Community Awareness Services: Organization and planning of public relations and community education programs
Customer Service
& Facility Staff Training
  • Coordination of ongoing facility staff in-servicing and restorative training
  • Building and maintenance of excellent relationships with the Administrator, Director of Nursing, and other key facility personnel.
  • Internal Marketing: Fostering communication between the rehabilitation department and nursing staff by participating in department head meetings, care plan conferences, weekly Medicare meetings, and new patient introduction to rehab visits