“Nothing can compare to making a difference in the lives of others. As the Executive Director at the Meadows of Kalida healthcare campus, I am able to provide compassion and kindness to people every day. If I can make a difference in the lives of others, then I am succeeding in life, and that is why I do what I do. Our rehab results speak for themselves - residents who come to Kalida for rehabilitation go home stronger, more educated, and safer.”

– Executive Director

Proven Track Record

Paragon Rehabilitation has assembled a strong network of therapists across the country. When partnering with new customers, we immediately begin local community networking to find the best therapists for each of your programs. Our Recruiting Department and Area Managers work in partnership to identify the best candidates for each position, and we experience excellent success recruiting in both rural and urban areas in an increasingly more difficult and competitive hiring environment.

With 85-90% of our total Tx minutes provided by full-time or part-time staff (only 10-15% PRN), highly dedicated Paragon therapists become part of our family and yours with the shared vision of restoring function and maximizing potential for the residents under your care.

The Paragon Recruiting Process


Your Primary Goal
Before the search begins, we work together to identify your exact requirements and expectations for your new therapy team and specifically, the Program Director.

How we find top candidates for you
Paragon combines an aggressive recruiting style with a personal approach by cold calling the most up to date licensure list, direct mailing of highly effective post cards which identify unique features of your program and highlight what sets Paragon apart from other rehab companies. Additionally, personal notes and messages are used to follow up with candidates to help bring them on board.

Your involvement with the selection process
You interview top Program Director candidates and assist us in selecting the best person to lead your new team.

Narrowing the field
Follow-up interviews are conducted and final candidates are identified.

Selection & Negotiation
We extend an offer for each open position through two way feedback and finalize a start date. Paragon offers an excellent benefit package for its full-time therapists, and is one of the few rehab companies that offers health care benefits to part time staff members, which greatly assists us during the start-up process.

Smooth Start Up
Continuous communication with you and each member of your new team occurs combined with Regional Director support guaranteeing a smooth start.