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Clinical Programming

Getting Better Just Keeps Getting Better.

When we first started, we were a company dedicated to providing comprehensive, inpatient rehab services to seniors. We were great at what we did, but we couldn’t help but ask ourselves, “Can we do more?” This led to the development of our full spectrum of Clinical Programming. These services focus on specific diagnoses such as Parkinson’s disease, stroke, pulmonary illnesses, and so many more. And of course, these programs can be customized based on the people we are serving and the tools we have on hand.

Paragon Move | Movement and Voice Empowerment

Provides 'Movement and Voice Empowerment' in people with Parkinson's disease.

Paragon Breathe | Bringing Respiratory Ease And Total Health Enhancement

Designed to ‘Bring Respiratory Ease and Total Health Enhancement’ for those living with pulmonary illness.

Paragon Rise | Recovery and Improvement from Stroke Effects

Provides ‘Recovery and Improvement for Stroke Effects’ for those who have suffered a stroke.

Paragon Pulse | Living in Vitality

Provides vital services for those living with cardiac diseases.

Paragon Life | Living in a Functional Environment

‘Living in a Functional Environment’. This program is designed to improve independence and safety.

Paragon Life | Living in a Functional Environment

Promotes physical, emotional and psychosocial health and well-being by focusing on all aspects of healthy living.