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Programs and Initiatives

Encouraging Expression in Therapy Program

Paragon Rehabilitation is pleased to feature our Eighth Annual Encouraging Expressions in Therapy Program! This month-long event, held every July, encourages our therapy patients to creatively express themselves through painting in a company-wide art contest. Residents submit artwork in a variety of categories such as abstract, landscape, portrait and seasonal. Submissions are then reviewed and voted on by Paragon employees. Winning artwork is then used as cover art for company greeting cards.

“Our team really enjoys this program because it allows us to step outside the box and foster creativity among our residents and staff,” said Erica Felty-Marler, Program Director at Willows at Citation. “I am looking forward to seeing what ideas our amazing teams come up with this year!”

The Encouraging Expressions in Therapy program allows our rehabilitation teams to:

  • Provide a greater level of interaction with residents, especially related to their artistic interests
  • Team up with Life Enrichment Department staff to utilize community resources
  • Share these exceptional experiences on social media

“Among individuals who have varying levels of cognitive impairment, we have found expression through art is often an important, however underutilized conduit for communication,” said Felty-Marler. “By observing the artwork created, underlying emotions and thoughts are evident. This allows for family, peers and staff to increase their understanding of the individual and address emotions that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.”

For more information about our Encouraging Expressions in Therapy program or to find out how you can help participate, please contact us today.

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