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Prehab: Planning Ahead for the Best Outcome

Patients put a lot of time, thought, and money into joint replacement surgery, and they want the best outcome. While rehab after surgery is important, many people are unaware that “prehab” is important too. Prehab, or prehabilitation, is therapy prior to surgery, designed to strengthen, manage pain, and provide the resources patients will need through the process of joint replacement.

More physicians are recommending prehab to their patients than ever before. Research shows that therapy prior to joint replacement surgery greatly reduces the recovery needs AFTER surgery. This research supports the utilization of prehab physical therapy as part of an integrative, cost-effective pathway for recovery from joint replacement surgery. Paragon is proud to offer advanced clinical pathways for knee and hip replacement patients. Our pathways include individualized Prehabilitation Programs for patients anticipating a lower extremity joint replacement. These pathways were designed to reduce post-acute costs, improve outcomes, and maximize patient satisfaction and loyalty.

We take the opportunity to educate and participate in post-op planning; quickly developing a home exercise program, training, and adjusting as needed. We also recognize how critical patient knowledge and empowerment are to great outcomes.  That’s why we provide comprehensive education about post-surgery expectations and needs. We instill confidence in our patients to share responsibility for their own outcomes through preparation. These services are available to inpatients or outpatients and are typically covered by part B benefits.

Our Prehab Plan

  • Thorough assessment with skilled therapists, evaluating strength, endurance, joint stability, pain, and individual lifestyle needs
  • Individual and private treatment with a skilled therapist
  • A personalized home exercise program
  • Post-operative education: we take the time to make sure patients understand their surgery and the expectations
  • Communication with surgeon, utilization of specific protocols, and post-acute recommendations

Reasons patients love Paragon’s Prehab Program:

  • Convenient hours
  • Consistent staff: see the same faces every time you arrive!
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Proven results, exceptional outcomes

For more information on prehab or any of our outstanding programs, please contact your Paragon Area Manager or David Bezarro, Director of Business Development at 508-450-6498.

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