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Rehab Appreciation Week with Paragon

Nobody knows Rehab Appreciation Week quite like Paragon Rehabilitation! From September 16-22, we remember the life-changing effects of rehabilitation programs as well as the professionals who carry them out. Here are the different forms of therapy we provide, as well as what a patient had to say about one of them in particular.

Speech Therapy – Performed by speech-language pathologists, speech therapy is geared towards assisting with communication skills and cognitive tasks. Treatment plans include diet recommendations and swallowing management, oral muscle functioning and strength required for speaking and swallowing, and verbal and non-verbal communication assistance.

Occupational Therapy- Occupational therapists assist debilitated individuals in developing, recovering, improving, and maintaining their skills needed for completion of their ADL, or “activities of everyday living”. Completion of these activities are achieved through facilitation of motor coordination, wheelchair management/training that encourages independent mobility, and training in self-care tasks (such as eating and bathing), just to name a few.

Physical Therapy- Physical Therapists help those who have difficulty with movement, as well as restore the physical well-being of their patients. This is facilitated through therapeutic exercises, balance training that assists in fall prevention, and education with regards to mobility. Fun fact: A study from found that physical therapy ranks 9th amongst the top 10 happiest jobs in America!

Respiratory Therapy Assisting those with pulmonary/chronic respiratory diseases, respiratory therapists will examine patients with breathing disorders. They will also educate them on equipment and medication, provide treatments that are specific to the individual, and measure volume and flow of oxygen with inhalation and exhalation.

Regardless of the type of therapy, the hard work always comes to pay off for both those receiving it and those who make it possible. Here’s what Sandra C., a resident from Ohio, had to say about her experience with the therapy that Paragon provides.

“I have had my share of visits to physical therapies over the years! I have 3 bad discs in my lower back that have caused me a few visits to physical therapy, and last year I took a terrible fall and broke the humerus bone very badly. I was sent, again, to physical therapy. Having had a bad experience in the past, I dreaded it. Much to my surprise, I was totally surprised! The staff was very cordial and treated me like a human being instead of just another patient. They were very intelligent and explained to me when I asked a question about why I was taking a certain exercise of the arm. They seemed to place my appointments around my schedule instead of theirs. Needless to say, I was very pleased. Your company should be very proud of your crew at Briar Hill Campus in North Baltimore, Ohio. I think they should be commended for their expertise. I will recommend them to my friends if they need a therapist. Thank you!”

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