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Senior Health and Fitness Day Fun

After months of preparation, Paragon Rehabilitation celebrated Senior Health and Fitness Day on May 31, 2017 with a variety of fun and educational events at our locations! This year’s national theme was “With Movement… There’s Improvement!” with the goal of keeping seniors healthy and fit.

“Paragon has been celebrating Senior Health and Fitness Day since 2008 and it is a very big event for not only our therapy staff, but our residents as well,” said Mindy Lankenau, Senior VP of Clinical Services. “This is our chance to educate and demonstrate highly effective exercises and provide health tips that are fun and habit-forming so that seniors will want to continue their wellness journey for years to come.”

All Paragon Program Directors were scored on their location’s participation during Senior Health and Fitness Day, including providing fun activities, healthy food, and planned events throughout the day. These scores are considered towards many of Paragon’s annual awards such as Program Director of the Year and Area of the Year. Our Program Directors incorporated creativity, resident and community involvement, and social media photos and videos into the Senior Health and Fitness Day events.

“The main premise and idea behind Senior Health and Fitness Day is to promote wellness, health, and teamwork community,” said Dan Wood, Area Manager. “Each staff member brings fresh new ideas and concepts to the table which makes this day an exciting and worthwhile event for all!”

Please check back at the Paragon blog in September when we announce the Senior Health and Fitness Day winners at our Annual Program Director’s Meeting.

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