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Programs and Initiatives

Senior Health and Wellness Day 2019

Here at Paragon, we take great pride in planning and executing our festivities for Senior Health and Wellness Day. This year, we’ll be celebrating the occasion during Wellness Week, taking place from June 2nd – June 8th. Residents and staff can look forward to a week of well-being activities that encourage physical, mental, social/volunteer, and financial fitness, such as relays, softball games, and savings advice.

“With no shortage of in-services, festivities, and healthy snack options, Wellness Week is the perfect opportunity to promote health and wellness throughout the communities we serve,” commented Mindy Lankenau, Senior VP of Clinical Services.

All Paragon employees and their residents are invited to take part in our Campus Well-Being Expo, as well as Senior Health and Wellness Day. Our Campus Well-Being Expo will focus on the different domains of fitness with a variety of vendors, while Senior Health and Wellness Day will feature a plethora of field day activities – from three-legged races to spirited games of kickball.

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