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Resident / Family Focus

National Senior Citizens Day

In honor of National Senior Citizens’ Day, I remember the amazing stories and histories of my past residents. It is a shame how often their stories go untold and are forgotten. I think of the man that was a US Marshall, who walked Ruby Bridges into that New Orleans school during integration in the south and is depicted in a Norman Rockwell painting. The nurse who joined the Army during WWII to help fight for her country. The man who escaped a POW camp with two other soldiers after being held captive over six months. The lady who babysat Michael Jackson as an infant in Gary and too many more amazing stories to mention!  Their history is their legend and should not be forgotten but honored.

Why not immortalize their life on National Senior Citizen’s Day with a biography and photo of them in their glory days? Select a few seniors with fascinating stories and display them, maybe invite families together to celebrate their loved ones and help tell their story. Create a poster board or scrapbook of stories that have gone untold or will be forgotten, if not celebrated.

Even though bodies and minds have withered, their hearts and souls continue on strong. Let us never forget the triumphs, achievements and joys once felt by our residents but honor and celebrate their past!

Holly Leffert,

Program Director

WoodBridge Health Campus

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