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Staff Stories

A Night to Remember

Sometimes, we forget that our residents are still folks who enjoy a little fun and entertainment every now and again. In this month’s Customer Service Moment, Joel H., PTA at Forest Glen, implemented an act of pure goodness that Marilyn L. certainly appreciated.

Joel had begun working with Marilyn in therapy. The two soon developed a sweet bond, in which Marilyn insisted on calling Joel ‘Beau’. Marilyn has heard about the Christmas dance, and asked her ‘Beau’ if he would join her in a dance. Joel, of course, accepted her invitation. Everyone joined in to make it a night that Marilyn would never forget. Her family bought her a new dress, Joel wore his Sunday best, and the Activities Department prepared a dance for the two that the whole campus adored witnessing.

From Marilyn’s expression of ‘Hey big boy’, when seeing her date walk in, I would say she was pleased with the dance they shared. Joel’s kindness is something we can all learn from and enact in our own day-to-day interactions with our residents.

A huge thank you to Tonya M., Program Director, for sharing this charming story of the “happy couple”.

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