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Staff Stories

Memory Books for People Living with Dementia

One of the hardest experiences a family has to go through is coping with a loved one who has been diagnosed with dementia. Learning to live with dementia is not only difficult for the patient, but for everyone who is involved in the care and well-being of that patient. For our Customer Service Moment this month, we would love to recognize Eleanor B., a Speech Language Pathologist at Hearthstone Health Campus in Bloomington, IN, for her ingenuity in creating durable memory books for patients dealing with dementia.

Memory books provide support for meaningful communication for people living with dementia. These books capture the life experiences that shape the identity of the patient through their preferences, interests, hobbies, families, and past career. They allow family members and staff to share stories and grow closer while providing person centered care.’

Her diligent efforts, many times, allow the patient to be able to vocalize their own memories using those photos and text as visual stimulation for communication. Eleanor clearly enjoys serving her patients, as well as their families, through her continued work in the support of her patient’s needs.

A big thank you to Jennifer F., Program Director, for sending us this wonderful display of above and beyond care of our residents.

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