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Success Stories

A Year of Giving Back

Paragon Rehabilitation is honored to be a part of The Trilogy Foundation who has assisted many employees and community members, both in times of inspiration (scholarships) and in times of desperation (emergencies).

In the last five years, your donations have helped us:

  • Award 5,476 Education Assistance Awards for over $4.6 Million
  • Award 5,808 Emergency Assistance Awards for over $1.8 Million
  • Feed over 990,000 people by raising 4.9 Million pounds of food
  • Assist over 100 charities in our communities by raising over $3 Million during the Holidays

On behalf of the 3,186 employees helped by the Trilogy Foundation in 2017, thank you for providing them strength, courage, love, and hope with your donations. Our Team Approach Works Best (TAWB) is evident by the 12,653 employees that donated weekly through payroll deduction! These donations provide much more than financial support, they provide a sense of family during emergencies.

“In 2016, I had to have back surgery and it went horribly wrong. Because of that surgery, I suffered a pretty severe, rare nerve condition and required a medical treatment in California. This year, the Foundation was able to help me out with that. I have received medical treatment and now I am pain free and have kept working.” ~ Leslie Dillman, Payroll Specialist

Emergency Assistance: 1,529 Emergency Assistance awards (1,667 awards in 2016), totaling over $470,830.

Breakdown of Assistance

  • 81 Domestic Violence Situations
  • 143 Property Loss Due to Disaster
  • 156 Life Threatening Emergencies

“Recently, I decided to pursue my master’s degree. Luckily, I was able to receive a scholarship from the Foundation. This way, I’m not accruing additional debt while I finish my masters. This has greatly helped me continue my education and continue my growth.” ~ John Turner, Employee Support

Education assistance: 1,657

Education Assistance Awards (1,582 education assistance awarded in 2016), totaling over $1,148,000.00. The foundation surpassed $5.4 million in education assistance funds awarded since 2007.

Breakdown of awards:

  • 533 Employee Scholarships
  • 347 Dependent Scholarships
  • 777 Student Loan Repayments


  • 115 Employees on Tuition Reimbursement totaling $140,857
  • Assists employees who have paid out of pocket for college tuition during their pursuit of job related education.


  • Awarded 557, totaling over $526,464.
  • Assists employees by paying funds directly to a training group or school for CNA, QMA, Wound Care, and many other certifications.


  • 11 Employees saved for education totaling $14,821.77
  • 39 Employees saved for home ownership totaling $79,048.21

“Purchasing my first home was important to me because it was more for my kids. I wanted my kids to have something that I didn’t have growing up. Just knowing too that I had a job to help me out with something like that was wonderful.” ~ Christina Powell, Certified Resident Care Associate



  • Raised 1,476,455 pounds of food in 2017 (raised 1,092,635 pounds of food in 2016).
  • Food donated in 2017 fed 300,000 people!


  • Raised $802,478 during the 2017 holiday season, assisting over 110 local and national charities which support our communities.
  • Supported charities including The Salvation Army, The American Heart Association, and many more.


  • Aided a total of 3,267 employees with all foundation programs in 2017.
  • Raised more than $1.5 million in employee, corporate, and government contributions to the Foundation.

Thank You To the 12,653 employees who participated in the ONE campaign and pledged to donate at least $1 per paycheck. When we mention our wonderful employees who truly have a servant’s heart, you can proudly say, “I am ONE!” Please consider joining your co-workers if you are not already donating.

We look forward to continuing to serve our employees and communities. With your help, the next five years are sure to bring great things!

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