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Success Stories

Pete’s Legacy

We at Paragon enjoy hearing the stories of clinical successes with our residents almost as much as we enjoy hearing the stories of their lives before and after we came to know them.  Pete was a resident of our Creasy Springs Health Campus in Lafayette, IN, and we were touched to receive the following letter from his family after his death.

To all the caring staff at your facility,

Our family wanted to express our gratitude that even though we only utilized your services for a short time, we are truly appreciative for the care and thoughtfulness all of your employees put into our father’s care.

You can be assured that we will absolutely recommend your company to anyone that we know who requires a nursing care facility. When people have negative things to say about extended care for loved ones, I have to say we loved our Dad being there because the people who cared for Dad enjoy their jobs, showed their love and concern and he felt that too when he talked with us. I hope each employee knows the impact they can make on an elderly person no matter how difficult their experiences may have been in other places. Dad was worried about being transferred when we made the decision to move him to your facility. But after a couple weeks, he was surprised at the respect, kind caring people who helped him. He had given up on the physical therapy at the previous place because they would put them on a machine and walk away with their phones.

After coming to your facility, he loved going to his physical therapy, he loved the therapists and the interaction that he had with them.  He never gave up his goals to walk again because they never gave up on him. I hope this letter is read at your meetings and posted somewhere to show the gratitude we have for each one of you there at Creasy Springs.

We are grieving the loss of our father but so grateful that each of you had the opportunity to meet how special our Dad was. Not all know his story with us. He had 5 babies, first one daughter, then lost two that were still birth, and one lived a day and one lived three days. They adopted four of us not to replace those they lost but by the grace of God they said we were brought to them. My mother was very ill and passed when she was only 59. They devoted their lives around us, never going to dinner; take a vacation or anything without us. My Father worked many long hours to provide for us and did not retire until he was 80 years old. At his funeral the grandchildren spoke of how wonderful he was, us children reminded all who were there the amazing father he was and how he cared not only for us but our mother who was sick most of our childhood lives. And of course, his employer that my father worked for over 56 years for of what an upstanding devoted employee he was.

We all have to remember we too will be older and possibly need care in a nursing home someday. So, each of you do make a difference in caring for them and remembering they had a life prior to retiring and being cared for there with each of you at your facility.

With sincere gratitude, we thank each of you.

Lowell R. “Pete” Johnson Family

Pete was clearly loved by his family and those who knew him and the staff of Paragon at Creasy Springs are grateful to have gotten to know him during his stay with us.

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