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Success Stories

Rehab Success Story – Janet O.

Janet O. is just one of the countless people we’ve met that knows what it means to be strong in the face of adversity. Having faced several ailments throughout her life, her story is already one that is defined by overcoming great odds. In July, she would be put to the test again when she fell victim to a car accident. Despite being left with several broken bones, her spirit was as strong as ever.

To match the strength of her spirit came the staff of Orchard Grove. With their help, Janet began her therapy and made strides towards a near-full recovery. Here’s what her son Bill had to say about the experience.

“Comparing Therapy in Rehab, to the Therapy in Assisted Living, there has been wonderful continuity! Initially there were physical restrictions, and in rehab the simple measure of success or improvement for us was “can she do more than before?”. Her progress was truly amazing, and as the physical restrictions disappeared, the progress accelerated nicely! Throughout rehab, Mom always looked forward to coming down for therapy.”

Bill also added that the staff was always steadfast in their ability to provide support for her mother. “Some days just hurt more than others, mostly due to weather issues, and the team does a great job of observing this, and modifying the sessions to work with the issue – as opposed to cancelling the session.  The team does a great job of assessing the patient’s true capabilities and encouraging them to demonstrate to themselves they can actually do some things they thought they couldn’t.”

Janet has regained nearly 98% of the physical capability that she’d had prior to the accident. As she continues to work towards the life that she deserves, the sentiment expressed by Bill echoes that of our own:

“We are ecstatic with the progress Mom has made, the friends she has made, and the happiness imparted to her throughout the entire experience!”

Thank you to all the amazing therapy staff at Orchard Grove!

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