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Success Stories

Success Story – Bob B.

When my injury first happened, it was truly tragic for me. I broke two bones in my ankle, and I thought I’d never be able to walk again. I remember thinking, “I don’t know what’s going to happen to me.”

But then Hartsfield Village absolutely saved me.

As I started rehabilitation I knew everyone here would help me get my life back. The types of things the therapists do for patients help us not only physically, but mentally. Everyone here is so encouraging, it’s amazing!

What I like about the therapy at Hartsfield Village is that you get all facets of rehab: balance, strength, endurance, coordination, and even your mind heals… the whole person gets rehabbed!

Now, I feel better than how I was before my accident. I have more energy, I feel vibrant, and I feel I can do much more than I ever could before. At the age of 74 I have a rebuilt body; something I thought could never happen, but it’s happened. I’m excited to keep up all the activity and great things I learned here.

I’ve enjoyed my time here so much – everything has been absolutely perfect. I was joking with my wife saying that if I ever need to run away from home, I’m going to Hartsfield Village!

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