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Success Stories

Success Story – Gloria C.

Throughout her stay at Springhurst Health Campus, the determination and courage shown by Gloria C. has continued to inspire her therapists.

“From day one when Gloria arrived at Springhurst for rehab, she always gave 110%,” said Paige Fairchild, PTA.

“Even on days when she was experiencing pain, fatigue, and weakness, she never let that stop her. Not only has she made tremendous progress for herself, she has continued to be an inspiration to others. I’m blessed and honored to be a part of Gloria’s rehab team!”

Paige is not the only one who was inspired by Gloria’s success. “Gloria always had a positive attitude,” said Tanya Livingstone, OTR. “She always encouraged others who were in therapy, and pushed herself to do more. She didn’t let what she was going through limit her. She was and still is an inspiration to everyone!”

Avisha Shah, PT was also a member of Gloria’s therapy team. She, too, was moved by Gloria’s level of motivation and her indomitable spirit. “Gloria was always very happy, despite the pain that she was in,” said Avisha. “She was always ready to take on new challenges in therapy. She believed in never giving up, and her success has inspired others. We are all so proud of her and honored that we were able to work with her.”

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