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Success Stories

Rehab Success Story: William F.

About eighteen months ago, I experienced patient rehab at another facility after a serious illness. This time, after full hip replacement surgery, I was transported to Cumberland Pointe Health Campus. Upon arrival, I was virtually bedridden and could only take a few steps with the help of a walker and assistance from a nurse or aid.

The difference between my first rehab and the rehab at Cumberland Pointe was amazing! The exercises and machines are the same; the difference is the atmosphere of friendliness and caring. There is banter between patients and therapists and everyone is in a good mood, which makes the work so much easier.

After assessing my physical condition, Sara, Lacie and Patrick began working with me twice a day. As a result of their expert and careful conditioning, I began to see improvement in my mobility and overall functionality on a daily basis. Experiencing such rapid improvement each day was another plus and kept me trying even harder to make progress!

I highly recommend Cumberland Pointe for rehab due to their excellent Physical and Occupational Therapy staff, headed by Sara D.. They have the knowledge and techniques and apply them in a warm, friendly, caring manner. They can help you return to your former level of fitness quickly and with less stress.

William F.
Cumberland Pointe Health Campus
West Lafayette, IN

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