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A Day in the Life of a Paragon Speech-Language Pathologist

May is Better Hearing & Speech Month, and no one is more committed to better hearing & speech than our speech-language pathologists. The campus speech-language pathologist (SLP), also sometimes called the speech therapist, is the person on the therapy team who provides services to improve communication skills, cognitive function, and swallowing safety.   The SLP earned a graduate degree from an accredited university, holds a state license, and maintains a Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC).

Each day, the Paragon SLP collaborates closely with other therapy team members, nursing staff, and the dietary department to ensure that the unique needs of each resident on caseload are being met.  The SLP also screens new residents and those within the campus that may be experiencing a decline in functional skills.  Evaluations are conducted, and standardized assessments are utilized to determine the best course of action in developing a speech therapy plan of care.  Treatment sessions vary based on specific patient need and may include: retraining of expressive and receptive language, improving the clarity of speech production, addressing reading and writing skills, increasing voice quality and loudness, and establishment of the use of alternate communication with technological devices or a simple communication book.

The SLP also works with individuals who demonstrate a decline in cognition and will benefit from guided training in the areas of orientation, memory, and safety awareness.  For residents who are having difficulty with swallowing, the SLP works closely with physicians, specialists, and families to strive for the least restrictive diet textures and liquid consistencies. This is achieved through special testing and individualized treatment techniques.

The SLP can assist with improving function and safety for a vast variety of patients, and will work with each resident, the families, and other campus staff members to enhance functional skills and promote better quality of life.

For more information about the Speech Therapy services that Paragon Rehabilitation can provide in your campus, please reach out to the Therapy Department!

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