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Celebrating and Encouraging Women’s Heart Health Month

Each February, Paragon proudly recognizes Women’s Heart Health Month.  Statistically, heart disease and stroke cause one in three deaths and is the leading cause of death among women.  Due to COVID-19 infection control guidelines and isolation, we have found our residents and ourselves more susceptible to sedentary behavior.  To reduce the already high risk of heart disease among women, encourage getting up and moving frequently throughout the day.  Even a few minutes here and there can have large health benefits to impact the risk factors of heart disease and metabolism.  Paragon Rehabilitation therapists support Trilogy’s efforts in reducing this risk by assisting residents to maintain or regain function and physical activity.  Paragon encourages campus teams to safely promote mobility and activity by encouraging the residents to get out of bed each day, walk to the bathroom, or simply change position from seated to standing several times throughout the day.  By working together to promote increased physical activity, our teams can expect reduced risk of heart disease and increased functional mobility and independence for our residents.

Speak to a member of the Paragon team today to learn more benefits of physical activity for everyone!

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