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Occupational Therapy Month

As April and Occupational Therapy Month are wrapping up, Paragon Rehabilitation wanted to take this opportunity to highlight one unique way our Occupational Therapists assist our residents to improve their quality of life and independence in self-care activities and activities of daily living. Occupational Therapists are trained in low vision rehabilitation. According to estimates from the 2018 National Health Institute Survey, 9.2 million American adults over the age of 65 report experiencing significant vision loss ( After performing a comprehensive evaluation with assessment of visual deficits and patient-specific considerations, Occupational Therapists create goals aimed at improving resident safety and function. Through environmental and task modification along with compensatory strategies, OT’s train residents and caregivers on strategies to enhance their quality of life.

Through identifying opportunities to improve resident function and independence, Occupational Therapists help mitigate negative implications of low vision, including reduced quality of life, decreased independence and safety in performing activities of daily living, and reduced social interactions, which all lead to an increased risk of falling. Ask a member of the Paragon Rehab team for more information on ways Occupational Therapists help with low vision. Happy OT Month to all of our Occupational Therapists, Assistants, and students! Join us next week with the kick-off of Speech and Hearing Month in May!

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