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Celebrating our Program Directors: The 2020 PD Meeting

Paragon Program Directors (PDs) are the backbone of Paragon Rehabilitation.  They are on the front lines in the campuses, performing numerous duties throughout the day to ensure the therapy department runs smoothly to uphold Paragon standards, meet resident needs, and exceed customer expectations.  In order to celebrate our PDs, Paragon holds an annual Program Directors Meeting – a gathering which provides education, updates, and networking opportunities for our Program Directors. The meeting, which is typically held in a hotel or convention center, is also a chance to have fun, catch up with friends, recognize achievements, and celebrate success over the course of several days.

As we entered 2020, Paragon PDs were becoming more comfortable and accomplished with the unprecedented changes that came about with PDPM.  They persevered through challenging technical difficulties and ensured communication remained intact.  When the novel coronavirus forced the country to quarantine, our PDs never wavered.  They continued to lead their teams, and still do, through the pandemic, to ensure quality patient care, creative and compassionate treatment in person and through telehealth, and assist their campuses and team members in many ways that extend beyond what is considered typical therapy.

This year – maybe more so than ever – our PDs deserved to be celebrated.  The 2020 PD Meeting took place virtually on the afternoon of October 21 and evening of October 22.  Together we watched presentations that provided an overview of company progress from the last year, and answered inquiries for the year ahead.  We were encouraged to anticipate, accept, and embrace change, as based on the book, Who Moved My Cheese by Dr. Spencer Johnson. We participated in a wellness event that allowed us to get moving and add up our steps in teams of four or five.  Although separated by distance we posted photos, joked, encouraged and challenged each other through an interactive app, as we were remined that in order to continue to take care of others, we must also take care of ourselves.

A virtual trade show with prerecorded videos and downloadable handouts provided updates and education.  This year our PDs utilized a web program called Gather.Town to create an avatar in order to virtually walk around to each booth and speak in real time and face-to face to the Home Office teams.  A favorite activity of the PD Meeting is always the happy hour which also took place using the Gather.Town website.  Our PDs could dance, “sit” at the bar, and pair off or join groups to enjoy each other’s company in that real-time setting.  At the end of the evening, we watched while awards were presented via video to recognize high performers and to thank each PD for representing the values of Paragon Rehabilitation.

In a time with many changes and dynamic events, the 2020 PD Meeting was a great reminder that Paragon can count on our programs directors to continue doing what they do best.

Congratulations to all of our 2020 winners, and a big THANK YOU to all for participating!

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